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Re: bad new large hard disk? [chirps]

Jeff Green wrote:
> Is said disk IDE or SCSI, if IDE 

IDE.  I can't afford scsi :)

> and your motherboard is over 18 months
> or so old you will need to flash the motherboard bios. 

Uh, oh :)

It's from the first set of 603's that worked (once they dropped the
third sdram slot), so it's near the end of '97, I think (nearly three

*can* a bios be flashed from linux of *bsd?

> However it should
> be silent and should still detect as a smaller disk, 
> Jeff

It's detecting with the correct number of cylinders.  Do I still need a

And does anyone know where shuttle/spacewalker has hid the information
on the 603?  I haven't found it on the last couple of trips to the
site.  (I presume that the board was short lived, as it was a specialty
board:  be the first to market with the via/amd chipset, unofficially
run stably at 83mhz ["oops? we put those settings on the chip???? :) ],
and a 1M cache.)

>if I get a hard drive that chirps my supplier gets a prompt request for a 

Unfortunately, the supplier is in San Diego, and I'm in Pennsylvania, so
I assume I'll deal with IBM.  

The chirp isn't a sqeak; I'm not convinced that it's not a result of
what the motherboard is telling it to do . . .


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