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Addicted to Linux

I just installed Debian Linux via storm
last Thursday morning in a half an hour
right before leaving for work.

This past weekend I spent umpteen hours
sussing Linux out.  I kept thinking I
would have to go back to windoze as there
would be something it could do that Linux
couldn't.  So far as my needs go, I haven't
found any reason.  In fact windoze seems 
like a joke forced on us.

I was really looking for a crash free system,
but I have had several gnome crashes: an xterm
window, "gtop", etc.  I was embarrased when
my wife looked and saw the gnome error dialog
box, reminiscent of windoze.  But at least I
didn't have to restart the machine.

I am really happy with Linux, so far anyway.
- greg s.

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