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Re: base floppy installation on i386 problem (newbie)

On Sat, Aug 19, 2000 at 02:10:41PM -0700, Alexander Poquet wrote:
> hi, im installing (or trying to) potato on an older p100
> i have and everything was going well.  i chose the

Bizarre!  I have never had a problem installing the base system, as
long as I was using floppies I'd ensured were formatted (by me!)
beforehand.  Errors (flakiness) have popped up beyond that point, but
not in base.

I just wanted to reply for the following reasons:

 -  good description of the problem.  :-)
 -  can there be anything weird going on in your bios? turn off ram
    shadowing, etc.
 -  perhaps describe your hardware a bit more verbosely; how much
    ram, etc.
 -  it's good practice.  I learn a lot from this stage of an install
I wish I could help out more.  Good luck.

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