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Re: using my /dev items

On Sat, Aug 19, 2000 at 09:20:39PM -0500, John Reinke wrote:
> I've been setting up my sound, and I still don't have everything up and
> running yet. I've noticed that the sound effects for Enlightenment won't
> start until esd (Enlightenment sound daemon) is running, and I can only
> start that as root. Is this because /dev/audio (and therefore esd) is only
> accessible by root?

As root:
$ adduser <username> audio

> I've had a suggestion to use groups to provide access to devices. Is this
> the standard (and "safe") way to handle using sound for mutiple users while
> using X? It doesn't seem that this is a common problem, so I feel I'm
> missing something.
> Also, I wanted to test listening to a CD, but somehow I can no longer
> access CDs. The Debian install created /cdrom (I assume this is instead of
> /mnt/cdrom) and there is no /dev/cdrom to mount in the first place. It says:
> mount: special device /dev/cdrom does not exist

/dev/cdrom is a symbolic link to the real device. Just create it like:
$ ln -s /dev/hdc /dev/cdrom

You'll need to figure out which device is really your cdrom. But there
aren't too many if it's IDE (/dev/hd[a-d] usually).

And, yes, Debian uses /cdrom and /floppy instead of /mnt/cdrom and
/mnt/floppy.  You can change that if you like by creating two
directories under /mnt and then updating /etc/fstab accordingly.  Some
Debian packages may expect the default, but I can't think of any...

> My CD worked perfectly in a previous installation. I now am using a
> week-old net-install of potato.

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