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Re: ### a problem with installing Deb 2.1

J wrote:
> That is all very nice... thanks for the distro advertisements, but I already have a (what I hope is) an install CD, and I'd like to use the one I have if I can.  When I got the book, it only came with one CD -- is that all I need?
> Also, when I boot from the CD, one person said that the messages would tell me which device it is on.  Where do I look for that at?  The messages scroll by way too damn fast to read what they say -- if I knew just where to look that would help a lot.
> Also, as I mentioned, when I get the list of devices to try, I"VE TRIED EVERY ONE ON THE LIST WITH NO SUCCESS -- I even tried the SCSI option tho it's an Atapi IDE drive!!!
Maybe I missed part of this thread but please tell us what particular CD
and book you are referring to. A LOT of these things simply do not work
properly. Also please advise as to what type/brand of CD that you are
using. I can tell you this for certain, you will have to set up the CD
in your system bios as a diskdrive NOT a CD Player for this to work from
a boot startup. You will find this list extremely helpful if you give a
lot of info. Best wishes!

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