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Re: ### a problem with installing Deb 2.1

The book in question is Learning Debian GNU/Linux (by Bill McCarty, via O'Reilly) and the corresponding CD I am using for install is: "Debian 2.1 bootable CD-Rom".

Here's the hardware I'm on:

	Atapi 44x CD-R
	IDE type46 HDSiS 6326 - Virtual Sensations VS-7e
	Cirrus Logig Wave Device
	PS/2 mouse & standard 101/102 keybd

Possibly more info than what's relevant, but there 'tis.

As far as "set up the CD in your system bios as a diskdrive NOT a CD Player for this to work from a boot startup", where can I download the info on how to do this?  Not only am I new at installing Linux, I'm also new at tweaking BIOS as well.  I'm really moving way past the comfort of the shell prompt into totally new territories!

On Sat, 19 August 2000, John Foster wrote:

> J wrote:
> > 
> > That is all very nice... thanks for the distro advertisements, but I already have a (what I hope is) an install CD, and I'd like to use the one I have if I can.  When I got the book, it only came with one CD -- is that all I need?
> > 
> > Also, when I boot from the CD, one person said that the messages would tell me which device it is on.  Where do I look for that at?  The messages scroll by way too damn fast to read what they say -- if I knew just where to look that would help a lot.
> > 
> > Also, as I mentioned, when I get the list of devices to try, I"VE TRIED EVERY ONE ON THE LIST WITH NO SUCCESS -- I even tried the SCSI option tho it's an Atapi IDE drive!!!
> ========================================================================
> Maybe I missed part of this thread but please tell us what particular CD
> and book you are referring to. A LOT of these things simply do not work
> properly. Also please advise as to what type/brand of CD that you are
> using. I can tell you this for certain, you will have to set up the CD
> in your system bios as a diskdrive NOT a CD Player for this to work from
> a boot startup. You will find this list extremely helpful if you give a
> lot of info. Best wishes!
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