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Re: fetchmail is eating my mail

Dear friend,

On Wed, Aug 16, 2000 at 10:11:22PM -0400, Richard E. Hawkins wrote:
> # Configuration created Wed Aug 16 21:55:01 2000 by fetchmailconf
> set postmaster "hawk"
> set bouncemail
> set properties ""
> set daemon 2
> poll email.psu.edu with proto POP3
>        user reh18 there with password [censored] is hawk here options
> mimedecode warnings 3600
>     smtphost  smtp.psu.edu
> I'm reh18@psu.edu, but hawk on the local machine.  I'm not seeing
> anything wrong here.

Just to let you know what I have in my fetchmailrc:
set postmaster "marko"
set properties ""
poll pop.mail.yahoo.com with proto POP3           
       user $username there with password $somepassword is $username here

And it works. Maybe you see some differences.

Marko Cehaja

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