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Re: can't ftp through IP Masq

John Reinke wrote:
> Here's what my problem is (for those just joining): I have IP Masqing set
> up on a potato system, and everything works through it except ftp. The ftp
> clients on machines on the private network connect to external sites, but
> never are able to get a listing of the files or even retrieve files from
> those systems.
> John

Sounds like you're running into the problems of establishing the proper
ipchains ruleset for active vs passive ftp through your firewall, and
this probably isn't an issue with ipmasq per se.

This has been discussed recently on the firewalls listserv. Check out 
http://geocrawler.com/lists/3/Security/90/0/ for a searchable archive;
think you'll find some answers there. (I personally am still trying to
figure this out myself, or I'd chime in with the answer myself ;-)


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