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can't ftp through IP Masq

I am not able to ftp from my private network, through IP Masqerading. I now
have Debian 2.2, and I had Debian 2.1 before. As far as I can tell, I have
set up IP Masq the same way as I did before.

Before, I could use ftp clients on any machine in my local network to
access anything outside my network. I can still connect to the same
machines, but now I can't get the file list from the remote ftp server or
change directories. It just sits there trying, but never gets the list.
Changing the passive setting for the ftp clients doesn't help. Also,
sometimes when it is not passive, I get a "port error" message from the

I don't really understand how to set up IP Masq, so someone had given me an
ipchains command, and it seems to still work for the most part. All other
TCP/IP applications I use seem to be fine through the IP Masq. When going
from slink to potato, I took that ipchains command from my
/etc/init.d/network file and put it into the /etc/init.d/networking file,
right after ifup -a, and that worked.

The command is:
/sbin/ipchains -A forward -s -j MASQ is my local network. I can ftp from my Linux box, just not from
any machine on the private network.


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