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Re: netscape security hole

Dear friend,

> > You didn't read the social contract and I consider this childish, that you
> > even reply before that.
> Yes, I did.  Accusing me of not reading it when you actually don't have the
> slightest clue as to whether I did or not is childish.
> > require the use of programs that don't conform to the Debian Free Software
> > Guidelines. We have created "contrib" and "non-free" areas in our FTP
> > archive for this software. The software in these directories is not part
> > of the Debian system
> > 
> > Can you spot that sentence "is not part of the..."?
> Uhh, gee that's a hard one.  I'll guess ... the last one?
> Seems a load of double talk.  If something is not part of Debian, why make
> it available?  Why not just stick with an installation package like is used
> for RealPlayer?

You see - those words lead me to the opinion that you might have read the
social contract, you might be right about reading it, but you didn't understand
it at all. Otherwise, you wouldn't ask why make some software available for
Debian or why stick with an installation package.

Please clear the words which you don't understand in social contract.

> So do I.  The one I use the most is Helix Gnome.  Since it *did* come from
> outside of Debian, I do not consider it as part of Debian.  Packages that
> *did* come from the Debian site I do consider part of Debian.

You are free to consider whatever you like. However, the meaning of words:
"Debian GNU/Linux OS" - is not the same as - server called "debian.org"

> And I'll ask again, why does Debian make it available off of their server,
> already prepackaged?  Why not go with an installation package as used for
> RealPlayer?  That should satisfy both the zealots and the realists.  It
> seems to have worked with RealPlayer.

You are really interesting and amusing. Didn't you say you have read the
social contract? Hmm. Those questions are answered there. 

Look. There is Windoze OS. Many people make software for Windows. Does
it mean it is part of Windows?

If you go to Microsoft site, you can get there a lot of software. But many
of that software are not part of Windoze OS. 

Magic words are: social-contract.

Marko Cehaja

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