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Re: netscape security hole

On Thu, Aug 10, 2000 at 06:02:11PM +0200, Marko Cehaja wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, Aug 08, 2000 at 06:11:30PM -0500, Phil Brutsche wrote:
> > Yes, Linux is vulnerable.  The 'virus' in question is a Java applet what
> > exploits bugs in Netscape's Java implementation.
> To say that Linux is vulnerable because Netscape has holes in not
> quite correct.
> Netscape is not GNU/Linux.

<rant type="pedantic/semantics">

An exploit which leaves your system open to unauthorized data access
for any arbitrary files would certainly make Linux, or any other
operating system it afflicted, vulnerable.

You would be correct in stating that the vulnerability isn't one
specific to the operating system, or a fault of the OS itself.

Security is a weakest-link problem -- any compromise at systems,
software, network, physical, or social layers can leave a system

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