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Re: .bash_profile does not work

Quoting dckinder@mountain.net (dckinder@mountain.net):
> When I telnet into Debian from another machine, I get the $PATH 
> variables which my .bash_profile  states.

That's because you login with telnet so you get a login shell.

> However, when I log into it directly, via XDM, and then turn on a 
> bash shell,

Do you mean start an xterm. That's not a login shell.

> I get the /etc/profile $PATH.  .  Moreover, if I log on from 
> another machine using - not telnet - but rather VNC, then I also get 
> the /etc/profile $PATH.

The presumably that's not a login shell either. (I'm not familiar
with vnc.)

> (After the VNC login, I went back  again to 
> telnet, where, once again, I got the .bash_profile $PATH)
> So this has something to do with XWindows.

It has it's own startup files, like .xsession .

Because each access method has it's own startup files, you can configure
it to do just what you want. For example, you wouldn't want some massive
startup file to be executed every time you ran a process remotely from
another machine.

My .bash_profile talks to me. I'm not sure where that would go if I
logged on with xdm; xdm-errors maybe, not much use there. (I use startx.)

Stick things you always want in .bashrc and then source it appropriately.
However, if you're adding to your PATH, you need to be careful you put
that in locations that only run once, like .bash_profile and/or .xsession.


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