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Re: FreeBSD --> Debain: any good reason?

On Wed, Aug 09, 2000 at 08:58:01AM -0700, Greg Strockbine. wrote:
> A Slackware Linux fan at work told me FreeBSD
> is behind the curve, too conservative.  Linux
> has all the latest drivers, etc, -- go with Linux.
Whether or not the "latest drivers" thing means anything to you probably
depends on your hardware and what you do with it.  For example, I have a
3dfx Voodoo3, and I like to use it with 3D acceleration in a couple
games like Myth II and Heretic II.  Linux has drivers for using this
card's 3D hardware acceleration, but I can't find any reference on the
net to similar drivers for FreeBSD.  (Someone correct me if I'm wrong,
please. :) )

If you are having no problems, though, and you're not interested in
doing anything that you can't already do in FreeBSD, then I don't see
any really big reason why you should switch.

(If you do switch, though, Debian is definitely the distribution to go
with. From what I've read, Debian's package management is similar to
FreeBSD's (and possibly better, but I can't do a comparison myself of
course)--if you're used to that good package management, you might find
the package management of other distros to be quite pathetic.)

Also, one of the other respondents mentioned the net installation...
I'll add on to that by saying that you don't necessarily need 7
disks--if you toss the tgz's for the base files and driver files onto a
hard disk partition (and then load them during the installation), then
you only need 2 floppies.


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