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Re: .bash_profile does not work

On Wed, Aug 09, 2000 at 01:19:50PM -0700, dckinder@mountain.net wrote:
> When I telnet into Debian from another machine, I get the $PATH 
> variables which my .bash_profile  states.
> However, when I log into it directly, via XDM, and then turn on a 
> bash shell, I get the /etc/profile $PATH.  .  Moreover, if I log on from 
> another machine using - not telnet - but rather VNC, then I also get 
> the /etc/profile $PATH.  (After the VNC login, I went back  again to 
> telnet, where, once again, I got the .bash_profile $PATH)
> So this has something to do with XWindows.
> But what?
Your xterm in a xwindows environment (either X or X through VNC), is probably
not executing a login shell.  If bash is not a login shell it will look for
.bashrc file to source, if it is a login shell, it will look for .bash_profile.

Try `xterm -ls &` (without the quotes) from another xterm.  This will start
one up with a login shell, which will source your .bash_profile



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