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Re: OT: what's the point of mp3's?

Well, gunzip *is* a "streaming gunzip engine".. with the -c flag. 
Unfortunately there was a bug in my original post advertising 
a  really good  compression ratio  with gzip  vs. mp3.  Mp3 compresses
much, much better. Sorry about the false alarm,

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Mathew Johnston wrote:

> I think that he's asking why not just gzip waves and gunzip when you need to listen to
> them.  The answer, is that gzip is not designed for audio, and gzip is lossless.  MP3
> is designed for audio - it is lossful in that it removed bits of audio that normally a
> person wouldnt be able to hear anyway.  MP3 gets what is it... 1:10 compression or so
> on a wave? gzip would get much less.  Also, mp3 can be decompressed as needed where
> you'd have to totally unpack with gunzip and then play.  Unless... someone wants to
> write a sort of streaming gunzip engine :)
> Mathew Johnston

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