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FreeBSD --> Debain: any good reason?

I'm trying to figure out if there is
a good reason to move from FreeBSD to
Debian Linux, or run both.

I have FreeBSD 3.1 installed and I've 
done some perl web programming, running only 
X-windows, emacs, apache and netscape.  I
was fine and happy.

A Slackware Linux fan at work told me FreeBSD
is behind the curve, too conservative.  Linux
has all the latest drivers, etc, -- go with Linux.

So, I thought I would give Linux a try.
First I got lost in which distro to go with.
I spent a whole bunch of time before I decided
on Debian.  Debian seems to be the most
conservative of the bunch, kind of the freebsd
camp of the Linux world.

As far as graphic card drivers go every one
depends on Xfree86 so end of story there.

As for drivers for my soundblaster live, they
are in the experimental stage in FreeBSD and
in Linux you need a special version of the kernel.

which leads me to ease of installation.  FreeBSD is
a snap to install.  I got lost in the Debian installation
guide.  There's 4 different versions of the kernel
you can choose from, there's files to pull from several
different directories, etc.

I wanted to do a multi-boot system, win98 and Debian.
I used partition magic to set up these little slivers
of partions, 500 MB for /root, 100 MB for /tmp, 
2 gigs for /var, etc.  Partition magic took forever,
created half of them and gave up.

Maybe FreeBSD was easier to install because 
I gave it its own disk.  Just make 2 boot floppies,
do a network install, and off and running.

So now I see no really good reason to leave FreeBSD for
Linux.  Am I missing something, besides the license issue?

greg strockbine

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