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Re: Applixware 5 on Debian slink, potato or woody?


On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, Stefan Bellon wrote:

> A friend of mine runs Applixware 4.4.1 on his Debian system (mixture of
> potato and woody). But he says that it's quite buggy and looks
> outdated. But otherwise it performs quite well. For the installation he
> took the RPMs and alienated them to deb packages. Then he make a link
> from /opt to /usr/local before installing them with dpkg.

I have got Applixware 4.4.1 running on my Alpha with potato installed
and am a little bit surprised. This soft always seemed quite stable to
me. I had trouble to install the RPMs under RedHat 5.2 using the
install executable. So they were installed in fiddling out the
dependencies and using the RedHat packet manager. Under Debian the
contrary did happen: The install executable worked perfectly well,
unpacking and installing the RPMs without conversion to *.deb on the
Debian system.
> Now I'd like to know whether anybody has experience with the later
> Applixware 5 on Debian systems. Does it install without problems?

I leave this to others to answer.

> I know that it's against the Debian GNU philosophy, but if there's no
> other application suite with the same features, then I think it's still
> better than using PowerPoint (that soft of application is the one I'm
> looking for at most) the other operating system.

It should be up to everyone to decide. I am writing my publications on
the machine. The stuff has to be exportable to Word. More and more
journals insist on WinWord written text send on a floppy together with
the printouts. With Applix, I just have to feed the rtf once into one of
those Windows beasts at the institute to convert it to a real WinWord
doc. (If they do not crash as soon as I just look at them. ;-)  )





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