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Re: Applixware 5 on Debian slink, potato or woody?

On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, Stefan Bellon wrote:

sbello >Now I'd like to know whether anybody has experience with the later
sbello >Applixware 5 on Debian systems. Does it install without problems?

installs flawlessly, runs like crap though. for some reason it takes about
5 minutes to load on a p3-500 128MB. tries to load some font server?? or
something i dunno i gave up on it, feels worse then corel office, which
annoys me when it wont load while mp3s are playing and crashes like mad.

sbello >I know that it's against the Debian GNU philosophy, but if there's no
sbello >other application suite with the same features, then I think it's still
sbello >better than using PowerPoint (that soft of application is the one I'm
sbello >looking for at most) the other operating system.

i liked applixware 4 more, staroffice feels good compared to applixware5
and corel!


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