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Re: Applixware 5 on Debian slink, potato or woody?


I'm using applixware 4 on a Debian Potato system. I have an old Pentium
100 with 64Mb RAM only. It looks fine, can read files coming from MS
office, and very fast. It takes only few seconds to startup om my machine.
So I don't know any good reason to upgrade it, or change it to another
office suit.

--Pap Tibor

On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, nate@firetrail.com wrote:

> On Tue, 8 Aug 2000, Stefan Bellon wrote:
> sbello >Now I'd like to know whether anybody has experience with the later
> sbello >Applixware 5 on Debian systems. Does it install without problems?
> installs flawlessly, runs like crap though. for some reason it takes about
> 5 minutes to load on a p3-500 128MB. tries to load some font server?? or
> something i dunno i gave up on it, feels worse then corel office, which
> annoys me when it wont load while mp3s are playing and crashes like mad.
> sbello >I know that it's against the Debian GNU philosophy, but if there's no
> sbello >other application suite with the same features, then I think it's still
> sbello >better than using PowerPoint (that soft of application is the one I'm
> sbello >looking for at most) the other operating system.
> i liked applixware 4 more, staroffice feels good compared to applixware5
> and corel!
> nate
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