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Aureal Vortex patch


Has anyone had any problems with installing the sound module for the
Aureal Sonic Vortex2?

I've downloaded the source from linux.aureal.com and applied the patch
supplied from www.debian.org/~jaldhar/vortex .  Followed the instructions
to the tee, and it hasn't worked...

When the package compiles I get an error saying that `linux/modversions.h'
doesn't exist.  I have tried searching my system for it, and dpkg too, but
no luck.

I am running Debian 2.2.15 (potato test-cycle 1).

Could you 'cc me any tips, since I am get to subscribe to debian-user.

Patrick Cherry
| patch@dominoid.net     http://www.dominoid.net |
|                                                | 
| (sorry about all the confusion, but this is my |
|  new, permanent address!)                      |

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