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Buggered up my router somehow.

Ok, by some great and wonderful streak of stupidity, I seem to have somehow
completely fscked up my router.

It's hooked up to an ADSL modem, running PPPoE (Roaring Penguin), and that part
looks like it's working great.
I've got 2 other network cards, both 3Com 905B.  I have the 3c59x module
loading with modprobe, and I've checked ifconfig, and both cards look to be
setup correctly.
eth0 is, and eth1 is
(Incedentally, eth2 is an NE2k-pci card, for the PPPoE client).

I can see the world just fine from the router (I'm telnetting to an ISP
where my maail is hosted to send out this message, and I'm on the router now),
but I can't ping anything on my network ( isn't used
The route command returns:
Kernel IP routing table
Destination	Gateway		Genmask		Flags Metric Ref   Use Iface
ADSL-NAME	*	UH    0      0     0   ppp0	*	U     0      0     0   eth1	*	U     0      0     0   eth0
default		ADSL-NAME		UG    0      0     0   ppp0

(I had to tyype this in by hand, so any formatting problems are mine.)

This all looks OK to me, but pinging just gives 100% packet loss, and traceroute
to from the router gives:
traceroute: sendto: Operation not permitted
 1 traceroute: wrote 38 chars, ret=-1

So, the question is, how have I managed to bugger this up, since it was working
fine this morning.  I recompiled a new 2.2.17 kernel, but AFAIK I picked all
the options that I needed.  My old (working) kernel was 2.2.14.  Did I forget
some vital piece of information?

Thanks very much for any help.

OH, I also meant to ask.  I used to use linuxconf on my RH systems.  Is there an
equiv. for Debian?  Something better, perhaps?

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