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Re: Buggered up my router somehow.

I see you have both 192.* nets using the same broadcast...
Can you do that ? 

Adam Scriven - Lore wrote:
> Ok, by some great and wonderful streak of stupidity, I seem to have somehow
> completely fscked up my router.
> It's hooked up to an ADSL modem, running PPPoE (Roaring Penguin), and that part
> looks like it's working great.
> I've got 2 other network cards, both 3Com 905B.  I have the 3c59x module
> loading with modprobe, and I've checked ifconfig, and both cards look to be
> setup correctly.
> eth0 is, and eth1 is
> (Incedentally, eth2 is an NE2k-pci card, for the PPPoE client).
> I can see the world just fine from the router (I'm telnetting to an ISP
> where my maail is hosted to send out this message, and I'm on the router now),
> but I can't ping anything on my network ( isn't used
> yet).
> The route command returns:
> Kernel IP routing table
> Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref   Use Iface
> ADSL-NAME       *      UH    0      0     0   ppp0
>     *        U     0      0     0   eth1
>     *        U     0      0     0   eth0
> default         ADSL-NAME         UG    0      0     0   ppp0
> (I had to tyype this in by hand, so any formatting problems are mine.)
> This all looks OK to me, but pinging just gives 100% packet loss, and traceroute
> to from the router gives:
> traceroute: sendto: Operation not permitted
>  1 traceroute: wrote 38 chars, ret=-1
> So, the question is, how have I managed to bugger this up, since it was working
> fine this morning.  I recompiled a new 2.2.17 kernel, but AFAIK I picked all
> the options that I needed.  My old (working) kernel was 2.2.14.  Did I forget
> some vital piece of information?
> Thanks very much for any help.
> Adam
> OH, I also meant to ask.  I used to use linuxconf on my RH systems.  Is there an
> equiv. for Debian?  Something better, perhaps?
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