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Re: Alpha install

Chad Dale (cdale@tradeit.com) wrote:

> I just went through the install for potato on an AlphaServer 400 4/166
> system, and everything went fine, but when I reboot it does not take me into
> the OS, I just get the SRM prompt again.
> I try booting from the floppy again with
> >>> boot dva0 -file linux -flag "root=/dev/sda2"
> and it loads the kernel, gets just past mouting the root filesystem, then
> kernel panics with..
> Warning: unable to open an initial console
> Kernal PanicL No init found. Try passing init= option to the kernel
> but I have no idea what to do for this, can anyone help?
> Also, when I try to run
> >>> boot dka100
> it complains about there not being a boot loader present..

I'm CC'ing debian-alpha since that's where most of us hang out... 

Ok the first thing I'm curious about is whether your kernel image is
really 'linux' usually it is something along the lines of 
'boot/vmlinuz-2.2.14'. Second are you sure 'sda2' is your root partion?
While very possible that it is, usually (at least in my experince) it
starts somewhere around 'sda5' or 'sda6' (but I could be wrong!) 

Also did you setup aboot? You should have left some space at the
begining of the drive for aboot since SRM doesn't know anything about


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