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Re: X with a S3 Trio64V+ card

In article <3989AEB4.F9AE5150@wcom.com>,
   Bolan Meek <Bolan.Meek@wcom.com> wrote:
> Stefan Bellon wrote:

[1024x768 on S3 Trio64V+]

> > Isn't such a resolution possible with this card?

> I have S3 Trio64V+ in a EonTronics Renoir card, originally with 1MB,
> lately upgraded to 2MB.  I have 1152x7??x16bpp.  I had to use 1152x7??
> at 8bpp until my upgrade.

I think an upgrade is not possible.

> What color depth are you trying to use?

Well, I'd like to use the highest color depth possible at 1024x768.
800x600 simply is too small to work with.

Do you have your old XF86Config around somewhere? Or do you remember
what color depth was possible at 1024x768 before the upgrade?

Thank you very much for your response! You're giving me hope back
again. :-)



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