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Re: ppp connection speed

On 3 Aug 2000, John Hasler wrote:

> Karsten M. Self writes:
> > The raw information is available under /proc/net,...
> That is just the speed of the connection from the computer to the modem.
> It is generally much higher then the modem bit rate (not baud rate.

higher rate useful for on the fly modem compression/decompression
of compressible data.  

Yes, just play with the AT commands manually using just a serial connection
to get bit rate - modem protocol. Automate it later.

Rule of thumb (thumbs may vary) an ftp transfer of ~4000 chars per
second for a well compressed file (zip etc.) for a 28k  connection. 

> There is an AT command to tell your modem to report the bit rate and a chat
> option to tell it to log the modem report.  Read your modem manual and man
> chat.
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