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re: cdrom ... and alsa

cd-rw discs require different laser frequencies in order to be read (that's why you cant use them in most audio cd players and dvd players) most new computer cd drives implement multi-read functionality. i think it was multi-read.. i dunno.. i always get the terms mixed up.. =) if you look at the recordable side of an rw, you'll see that it's less reflective than an r or a normal silver - hence the varying frequencies required.

also, on a side note.. has anyone had problems with alsa under potato? there's basically no documentation (man pages and such), and it seems to be missing files. the source dist for alsa apparently requires that i have a copy of the kernel source (configure references /usr/src/linux/include/version.h or something similar)... which i frankly dont want to download.. i dont have a copy of version.h to fake it out with either. anyway, i have an intel al440lx mb with a builtin opl3-sa3, and alsa just doesnt want to work with it. isapnp detects it fine, and the configs that i pass to alsa through alsaconfig (or whatever it was called) are correct, but alsa just doesnt like it. the whole thing just seems wierd.. the sound detect module is totally missing (as are the rest of the drivers apparently) and alsa_modules is reported as referenced, but never uploaded by apt-get! i'm kinda stuck either way i turn on this one.

any help is greatly appreciated =)

I just recently purchased a copy of Debian GNU/Linux 2.1.  Although my
friend told me that I can just down loaded for free from the web.  So I
installed it on my machine and everything runs well except for that my
cdrom didn't recognized any of the CD-Rewritable copies that  burned.
However, the operating system able to allows me to read other CD-W
copies that are not rewritable.  I did all this with mounting the cdrom.

CD-R disks can be finicky under various configurations.  Can you read
from the same CD booting the system under a different OS (say DOS or

What is this mean?  I have most of the softwares that needed to be run
in Linux are in those CD-Rewritable.  What can I do?

Either re-burn the disks or mount them on another system and use network
access.  I found I could read a CD on a laptop but not my desktop, could
ssh or Samba mount the CD to pull files from it to the desktop.

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