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tcsh savedirs... saves only one

i lose my directory stack on every logout.

	% set savedirs
	% cd /var/www
	% pushd /etc
	% pushd ~/public_html
	% ^D (logout)

now when i log back in, i'm correctly put
into the directory that i'd most recently
been in but there are none others on the

	login: myself
	% dirs

from my understanding of `man tcsh` it's
supposed to save the shole directory stack,
isn't it?

   Directory stack substitution (+)
       The  directory  stack  is  a list of directories, numbered
       from zero, used by the pushd, popd and dirs  builtin  com­
       mands  (q.v.).   dirs  can print, store in a file, restore
       and clear  the  directory  stack  at  any  time,  and  the
       savedirs  and dirsfile shell variables can be set to store
       the directory stack automatically on logout and restore it
       on  login.   [snip]

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