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Re: mixing potato with a bit of woody...

Sean Richardson said:
> In the past I have typically just built these packages (again for many
> reasons)...but seeing as they are already available under woody I would
> like to try the packages. I am not quite ready to switch over to
> woody as I am stuck behind a modem for another month and waiting for 200
> meg dls

At this point, potato and woody are very similar, so it might not be as big
of a download as you fear.  You could try pointing your sources.list at
woody, issuing your apt-get commands (apt-get update ; apt-get install
package1 package2... for individual package updates, apt-get update ; apt-get
dist-upgrade to do everything), and see how much data needs to be grabbed to
fulfill that request, then allow or cancel it.

(dselect only allows all-or-nothing upgrades; apt-get allows more selective
work.  If you're not already familiar with apt-get, read the man page and see
how wonderful it is.)

> agitates both my isp and me(grammar?).

Yes, that is correct.

> So..what is the best way to selectively upgrade packages to woody? and
> is this advisable? if not what would you recommend?

Absolutely.  I've run machines on mixed slink/potato and never had any
problems with it.

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