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Re: 3c90x woes

"Christian Pernegger" wrote:

> I'm running a box with a 3Com 3C905C-TXM, at the moment with
> potato-testcycle-3 and kernel version 2.2.15.

Same here, more or less.  I got the 3Com 3C905C-TXM last week in
a new Dell computer.  

> The 3c59x module that comes with the standard kernel did not do
> 100mbit/s full duplex connections for me. 3Coms own 3c90x
> module does, so I believe it to be better :)

How does one find out?
I used to use a Tulip-based card that said so on driver
initilisation, but all I get now is:

3c59x.c:v0.99H 11/17/98 Donald Becker http://cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov/linux/drivers/vortex.html
eth0: 3Com 3c905C Tornado at 0xdc00,  00:01:03:1e:1f:e9, IRQ 11
  8K byte-wide RAM 5:3 Rx:Tx split, autoselect/Autonegotiate interface.
  MII transceiver found at address 24, status 782d.
  Enabling bus-master transmits and whole-frame receives.

It doesn't say 100Mbits...



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