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mixing potato with a bit of woody...


This may be an absurd/silly question...but I have been unable to find an
answer elsewhere...so bare with me...

I am currently running potato(recently switched from redhat/suse) but
would like to upgrade a few of its packages to newer versions
(php,ssh,apache,etc.) for a variety of reasons...

In the past I have typically just built these packages (again for many
reasons)...but seeing as they are already available under woody I would
like to try the packages. I am not quite ready to switch over to
woody as I am stuck behind a modem for another month and waiting for 200
meg dls agitates both my isp and me(grammar?).

So..what is the best way to selectively upgrade packages to woody? and
is this advisable? if not what would you recommend?

For a few small programs (gkrellm,xmms) I have already just dld the
packages and installed them with no problems...but I wanted more
information before making a habit of this.

I guess what would be really nice is a way to edit my sources.list so
that it only looks to woody for my selected packages and their


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