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Re: 3c90x woes

jbardin@imagelinks.com writes:

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> Gary Hennigan wrote:
> > Also, you should seriously consider looking at the kernel-package
> > package, in particular look at the make-kpkg utility. It makes using
> > custom-compiled kernels in Debian MUCH easier to deal with.
> >
> > To use it you just do your "make <config|menuconfig|xconfig>" and then
> > just invoke make-kpkg like:
> >
> > make-kpkg --revision 5:mypc.1 --bzimage kernel_image
> >
> > and you'll get a kernel_image*.deb file that you can install with
> > dpkg. Install it, read the docs and feel free to post if you have any
> > questions about it. Again, it's MUCH easier to handle custom kernels
> > in Debian if you use it and it is the Debian Way (TM) to use and
> > install custom kernels.
> >
> > Gary
> >
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> Man that isa really sweet way of dealing withthe kernel
> compiling... am i to assume that you can keep backup copys of the
> debs so that incaseof failure you can backtrack through your
> different kernel versions... and what about having two kernel
> versions and using lilo tochoose which one to boot.

You just described exactly what I do. You can keep as many of the
kernel_image*.deb files as you want. And install as many of them as
you want. I don't think there's anything in Debian to automatically
keep lilo.conf in line with all of this but you can always try it and
find out. One thing I have no experience with is installing the same
major kernel version multiple times. I'm not sure how to accomplish
that, but certainly you can have multiple kernels of differing major
versions. I have 2.2.16, 2.2.15 and 2.2.14 kernels installed on my
machine now and can choose which to boot at the lilo prompt.

Back to lilo, when you install a kernel_image*.deb it asks you about
setting up lilo.conf. I've always edited lilo.conf myself and so don't
know what the automatic stuff does. Maybe it'll manage multiple
kernels for you? You'd have to try it or perhaps someone else can step
in here and tell us...


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