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Re: Help: Dselect ran out of disk space

Tim wrote:
> Bolan Meek wrote:
> > What's your partitioning look like?  What's the output of `df`?
> > If you use cfdisk, are there any partitions you don't see in `df`,
> > i.e. not have mounted?
> I have 104MB as root and 16MB swap there is 1% unuseable, presumably
> something to do with the drive geometry.

Is this from a `df` report?  I don't remember X% Unusable in that...

Only a single root partition, everything going into it?  OK, you can
run with 104MB, but you don't have much room. You'll have to be really
choosy about what you install, and only install a few packages at a
time, remembering to "hold" (if you're using dselect, which I recommend)
Up To Date packages so that when they're updated, they won't
automatically get installed, clogging up your limited space for /var/cache...

> It is a Seagate drive which RH
> 5.2 refused to recognise. I used a Win95/Partition Magic Rescue disk to
> set ip up as ext2 but gave up with RH. I had Debian 2.1 installed but
> then decided to use 2.2 as I was planning on using ipchains and
> masquerading.

But then again, if you only want this to be a router/firewall, you
don't really need much space.

> > > I used a 16MB swap file.

> > This seems appropriate.
> >
> > > At one point I had in mind to use it as a gateway on my 10base2 LAN but
> > > my current laptop (sorry it's RH6.2 at the moment) and Windoze98SE
> > > desktop are running Seti 24/7 so I'd like to remove all the non
> > > essentials.
> >
> > Do you mean SETI@home?  There is a Debian package in >non-free.
> Yes that is what I was refering to but the machine is far too slow to
> use on Seti.

Why do you think that?  Doesn't every compute cycle they get count
towards proving there's nobody else out in those stars and planets?

> > > It is running Distributed.Net OGR but the files are a bit of a mess.
> > > I have tried using Dselect to delete unwanted portions but failed. I got
> > > it to run by manually deleting numerous documents, which I was sure I
> > > could manage without, but would like to be able to use Dselect in the
> > > future.
> >
> > Do you mean that you deleted arbitrary files in /usr/doc?  And only
> > in there?
> >
> Yes. I deleted How-Tos etc as I have them on my other machine and on CD.
> I remember deciding that I could do without locales, it was over 10MB.

You can then use NFS to export them from your larger-capacity machines
to your firewall machine, if you would like to have access to those
docs & locale stuff.

> > Only the files which have been updated will have been upgraded.  I
> > wonder if running `cruft` would be helpful.
> I am not familiar with cruft and it does not seem to exist on the
> machine.

A package on Debian, available through dselect.  Just use '/' to search
for it.

> Before doing the update there was 8.5MB free. On completion 3.8MB. I had
> decided that I would use dpkg to try and remove the packages that
> deslect would not. It went backwards to the point where there was only
> 400kB free. Since then I have got it down to 1038kB 99%  by removing
> wvdial and pppconfig (it's on a LAN).
> I am not sure what the status of dselect is because, in the original
> install, it ran out of space.

I'm suspecting that it ran out of space on a tight HD because it
was trying to install too many packages at once.  When I do an
install, I choose the "Advanced" install, to use dselect, then
I "hold" everything, and choose a few at a time.  I update the
same way.

> dselect refuses to remove the packages I
> decided I could do without.

Was this because of dependencies?  What error report does it give?

> The machine has been "up" for over 62 days and I am reluctant to
> re-install but that would seem to be the simplest solution.
> > This is the starting skill of the most erudite Linux masters.
> >
> The problem is knowing what to add/edit. Back in my DOS days it seemed
> quite simple.
> Thanks for the help.

I don't think I've been helpful yet... but "Hey!  Anytime!"

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