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Re: How to change I/O address

Nianwei Xing wrote:
> Hi, Debians:

Ni hao.

> I have a question about network card.

And I have questions about your questions and clues:
it's mostly a terminology problem.

> When I move my computer to another place,
> I need reconfigure my network.

By 'another place', are you talking about 'another
place' at home, or 'another place' at work?  If
at work, is it because you're moving to a different

If you're not moving it to a different network,
you ought not have any need to change an networking

> The situation is when I reboot my system with
> my rescue disk and go to install, then configure
> network and then I did all apropriate changes.

I'm not totally sure, but I suspect that networking
configurations in the installation procedure only
get to the installation itself at the "Configure
Base System" step.

But you need not use your rescue boot disks for
mere networking changes:  it's time to learn how
to edit the /etc/network/interfaces file, as
well as /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf, etc.

You don't need your rescue boot disks for anything
other than if you make your HD system unbootable
or un-log-on-able (...I know:  that last one hurt
a little... me, too).

> However
> It still doesn't work. After running ifconfig, I find
> the base I/O address is strange, so does anybody know
> how to change this I/O address or is there another way
> to make it work?

We need some clarification.  Can you type in what you
see with `ifconfig`?  By I/O address, do you mean
the NIC card I/O address?  In what way do you find
it to be strange? 

Or do you mean the IP address?  What are you entering
for an ifconfig command?

> Any information is appreciated !

Glad to help; need some clarification.

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