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Re: A DosEmu problem

On Sun, Jul 30, 2000 at 07:48:46PM +0100, bsamuels@datamansys.co.uk wrote:
> Debian Potato (Frozen) with Slink KDE
> As Root I can run the emulator and the Dos application, that I

You have edited the conf file to allow yourself (as user) access?

> want to run, with no problems.  As a user the Dos application
> displays an error because it tries to create a log file on the
> Dos disc and fails because I don't have root permissions.

Did you chown and chgrp the file (the dos partition image) to allow 
yourself access? Or, if it is a mounted partition, you have rw access
to the mount point?

> I know that I can 'su' first and then run it but I want to set
> the process up as a script that starts the application without
> user intervention i.e. having to enter a password.

su is not a good idea for this sort of thing. Be yourself.

> Also as I'm running the xdos version if I do 'su' I get an x
> server error:
> xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
> xlib: Client is not authorised to connect to server

This is a separate problem. You started X as a user, so at this stage,
only that user is authorised to connect to the X server. One easy way
to get around this is to make a symbolic link from your root dir to the
user's magic cookie so that root can always connect. (this is ok if only
one user starts x. Look in the X docs for other alternatives).

> Another slight problem is in setting up the emulator this way it
> cannot be closed down using exitemu because exitemu doesn't exist
> in the boot directory.

I just used the boot directory that came with the package. Can you not
do this and access your other files with /etc/mtools.conf?


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