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A DosEmu problem

Debian Potato (Frozen) with Slink KDE

I have installed the DosEmu package and set it up as per included
instructions by creating a boot directory in /var/lib/dosemu with
soft links to the appropriate Dos files.

As Root I can run the emulator and the Dos application, that I
want to run, with no problems.  As a user the Dos application
displays an error because it tries to create a log file on the
Dos disc and fails because I don't have root permissions.

I know that I can 'su' first and then run it but I want to set
the process up as a script that starts the application without
user intervention i.e. having to enter a password.

Is there a way round this?

Also as I'm running the xdos version if I do 'su' I get an x
server error:

xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
xlib: Client is not authorised to connect to server

Another slight problem is in setting up the emulator this way it
cannot be closed down using exitemu because exitemu doesn't exist
in the boot directory.

Is there also a way round that.

Barry Samuels

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