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compiling errors

hi all

i'm having problems compiling a c++ program with g++.  the errors 
that i get are 
MapCB.o: In function `cMapDisp::cMapDisp(TACTMAP_OBJECT_CLASS)':
MapCB.o(.text+0x172): undefined reference to `callback_define_event(int,...)'
MapCB.o(.text+0x18a): undefined reference to `callback_define_event(int,...)'
MapCB.o(.text+0x1d2): undefined reference to `callback_register_handler(cb_event *, void (*)(void), void *)'
MapCB.o(.text+0x1f2): undefined reference to `callback_register_handler(cb_event *, void (*)(void), void *)'

it looks like linking errors.  when one gets errors like this does
this mean that a library (.a or .so) is missing or was a header (.h) 
not included?


"As a general rule, if you have trouble 
 with the binary system, then probably it 
 is because you do not really understand 
 the decimal system ..."
 		R.W. Hamming

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