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Re: Old ? Revisited. Was: [woody->potato, woody->slink, potato->slink?]

In early July, when Anthony first asked the question below, I sort of
kept my eye out for an answer or two on it:

"John Anthony Kazos Jr." wrote:
> Out of sheerest curiosity, since I'm not having any problems with woody beyond
> the X/gpm mouse grabbing and X->fb corruption, is there a way to downgrade from
> woody to potato, from woody to slink, and from potato to slink? I would assume a
> forced apt-get dist-upgrade with appropriate lines in sources.list would do the
> trick, but I've no desire to install and upgrade just to test.

Either I missed some responses, which may have gone directly to him, or
there wasn't much feedback on it.

In light of some recent discussions regarding apt-get, mixing releases,
etc., ...

Not to mention that I recently went to Woody...

I'd really like to hear about the reversability, bi-directionality,
whatever, capablilities built into apt-get, dselect and dpkg.

Has anyone actually done or at least attempted this?

Thanks for any light anyone can shed,


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