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Re: Squid

Restrict in what way? Do you want one machine to have permission to use the cache, and another machine to be denied permission? then look into the ACL rules in squid.conf.

If you want to filter web pages then look at an externel authenticator program - I use squidGuard (on a slackware box - dunno if theres a deb) squidGuard has lists of good and bad URLs and can also filter against a couple of regular expressions too. I used to use it with an Approved list (ie, these are the sites you're allowed), but now I use it as a blocked list (these sites are not allowed)

At 05:52 PM 7/28/00 -0700, you wrote:
I am running a proxy server and would like to restrict access to
the web(well atleast some web pages) on one of my clients. What
will I need to add to the squid.conf and can I restrict one machine
and allow access to another machine on the same network ?


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