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Re: volume control

Michael Soulier <msoulier@storm.ca> writes:
> On Thu, 27 Jul 2000 jbardin@imagelinks.com wrote:
>> In XMMS you can go into the preferences and tell it to control the
>> "Master" volume and not the "pcm" the "master" volume controls the
>> mixer that sends the signal to your speakers.. its aboutthe same
>> thing as the windows little speaker in your
> 	Just tried that. It didn't work. 
>> on the wmixer so you have lots of things to play with a and to
>> tweak your sound. but basically what you need is a "Mixer"
>> controller so if you look up on debian.org or do a search through
>> dselect for "mix" you will find what you want. b.t.y. i have a
>> sblive and it rocks
> 	Well, I'm wondering if anything is wrong with my module setup
> since none of the volume controls seem to work. The really strange thing
> is that if I use the equalizer in xmms, that works. 

Do they work as root? Make sure you have the mixer device(s) in
/dev. I don't have a Debian system handy with working sound, but my
laptop (sans sound) has /dev/mixer and /dev/mixer1.

If they work as root then it's just a permission problem.

May be a long shot but it's worth a look.


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