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Re: volume control

On Thu, 27 Jul 2000 jbardin@imagelinks.com wrote:

> In XMMS you can go into the preferences and tell it to control the "Master" volume
> and not the "pcm" the "master" volume controls the mixer that sends the signal to
> your speakers.. its aboutthe same thing as the windows little speaker in your

	Just tried that. It didn't work. 

> on the wmixer so you have lots of things to play with a and to tweak
> your sound. but basically what you need is a "Mixer" controller so if
> you look up on debian.org or do a search through dselect for "mix" you
> will find what you want. b.t.y. i have a sblive and it rocks

	Well, I'm wondering if anything is wrong with my module setup
since none of the volume controls seem to work. The really strange thing
is that if I use the equalizer in xmms, that works. 


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