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Re: volume control

Michael Soulier wrote:

>         Hey guys. My SB Live! Value card is working fine now. Loaded the
> emu module just fine. However, my volume control isn't working. I've tried
> in both xmms and xmcd, and neither one has a working volume control. This
> worked in Mandrake 7.0.
>         Ideas?
>         Mike
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In XMMS you can go into the preferences and tell it to control the "Master" volume
and not the "pcm" the "master" volume controls the mixer that sends the signal to
your speakers.. its aboutthe same thing as the windows little speaker in your
systray. I recomend also installing the wmixer if you run Wmaker casue then you can
load it up and drag it to your shortcut panel on the right and set it to load when
wmaker starts so you have itthere and you can adjust your levels it supports cdrom
bass treble micropohone master violmuve and i think all those extra effects that come
with the sblive turn out to be "chanels" on the wmixer so you have lots of things to
play with a and to tweak your sound. but basically what you need is a "Mixer"
controller so if you look up on debian.org or do a search through dselect for "mix"
you will find what you want.
b.t.y. i have a sblive and it rocks

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