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Re: Upgrading XFree86 on slink for i810 chipset

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Br. Chuck Zmudzinski wrote:

brchuc >First question: Do I really need glibc2.1, or can I build XFree86 and the
brchuc >driver with glibc2.0? I notice two different versions of the 3.3.6 binaries
brchuc >for depending on which version of glibc. Unfortunately I didn't see the i810
brchuc >driver in the binary directories, but I did find it in the Xfree86 sources.

you can build with 2.0 no prob, u must ge tthe right driver though there
are several versions.  You can find it in the XF86 3.3.6 source

or you can download it from me:


make sure the version-test.sh is executable when compiling it or it will
puke.  ive used this on about 10 different boxes.

brchuc >For the best stability, would it be better to try to keep glibc 2.0 and
brchuc >build the driver on slink, or would the best solution to be to upgrade to
brchuc >potato, which has kernel 2.2 and glibc2.1, but is not the stable version and
brchuc >just install the binary from Intel? No matter what I will have to upgrade
brchuc >the kernel to 2.2 to run the agpgart kernel module.

as far as stability is concerned both 2.1 and 2.2 are about the same, the
only prob i had in 2.1 is that the keyboard would not work with a display
manager (XDM, KDM etc) using the i810, but works fine in 2.2 (dont think
its related but never know..)


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