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Problem with X


I'm still trying to setup X windows and make it compatible
with my ATI Rage 128 Pro video card. This card is not supported
with the XFree86 software supplied with slink Debian linux.
Fortunately, I found help on the web (David St. Clair at
http://www4.ncsu.edu/~distclai/rage128-howto.html) who
wrote a configuation tool to setup XF86Config. The problem
is that it only works with XFree86 4.x - so I installed the
4.0.1 (?)  version (the most recent available). So I constructed
a proper(?) XF86Config and ran startx. The result: it looks
okay - but everything is frozen. The system locks. Hmmm.

Now, some of you may have read my earlier cry for help
when my system would freeze on booting - just when it
came to run xfs. It gave the following complaint message:

Starting X font server: xfsFontCacheInitialize: hi=1045876, 
lo=786432, bal=70

just before it froze. To get around the problem of the boot
freeze, I disabled xfs, and was able to get into the system
as before. I assume that the problem with xfs may be
related to my problem with the system locking when I
run startx.

Finally, for what it's worth, when I log into the system with
xfs disabled, the following message is displayed:

Checking for valid XFree86 server configuration...error in 
configuation file

Any help with this problem would be appreciated!


James Polson

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