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Re: editors and browsers

On Sun, Jul 23, 2000 at 03:28:32PM -0400, Thomas Kirsch wrote:
> 1. Are there any "WYSIWYG" email editors available for Linux? Preferentially
> any that would run also on Windows?

I believe mahongony is an email client that uses wxWindows toolkit
and runs in windows and linux.  I don't know about wxWindows in
Windows, I assume you have to install some package...

It is graphical and full featured but in my experience from several
months ago (linux version) I'm afraid this mail client is not
entirely stable. (yes that's a modified quote from Star Wars).

> 2. Are there any graphics based web browsers available for Linux other
> than Netscape? If yes, are there "release versions" of these browsers?

mozilla is rather slow and unstable yet, gzilla is faster and more
unstable... w3m is the best (text broswer that supports tables and,
*ack* frames).  If run in an xterm w3m can open images via
imagemagick (or maybe it uses mime database, I've never checked). 
Now if only html authors would make their pages cleaner for text

Oh, mnemonic [http://www.mnemonic.org/  I think?] is also a pretty
unstable, gtk using browser.

I heard a rumor that eazel (or was it helixcode?) was writing a file
manager/web browser called "nautilus" for gnome.  So far it's
vaporware AFAIK.

> Thomas Kirsch

Pat Mahoney  <pat7@gmx.net>

Those of you who think you know everything are annoying those of us who do :)

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