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Re: Does Debian Support DSL?

    Hello Art,

I'm saving this string of messages. I've ordered DSL here in Eureka
California a few weeks ago, and hope to have it in a few more 
weeks (very slow here in the rural sticks). My brother has it already
up in Oregon and loves it, and I have a few others that are using it
now running potato. if you run into snags, please post back etc and I
will do the same.

Best of luck and hope you enjoy the bw!

On Sun, 23 Jul 2000, Art Edwards wrote:
> I'll let you know by the end of this week. I am running Debian and I'm
> installing DSL. At this point, there is trouble with my line that Qwest
> needs to resolve. There are debian packages for running a dhcp system,
> so I assume I'll have know problem with the ISP side. One small thing
> that you might already know. If you run linux, you will probably need
> the cisco 675 router. Seyon, a free linux tool communicates very well
> with the cisco OS.
> Stay tuned 
> Art Edwards
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