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Sound..should be easy, but...

	Okay, I feel dumb posting this, but I give up.

	I have a Creative Labs SB16 (tm) PnP and I'm trying to get it to
work with modprobe and isapnptools.

	isapnp detects it fine, and uses all the proper values for the 3
io ranges, 2 DMAs, and 1 IRQ that the thing needs.  Then the kernel module
loader (from kernel 2.2.17) loads the module fine (@ 220 only) and nothing
works.  When writing to the sound device, I get this error:

Sound: DMA (output) timed out.  IRQ/DRQ config error?

	Or something very close.

	Anyways, this is on a dual-boot machine with Windoze, or I would
disable PnP.  Anyone have any ideas?  (Suggestions on how to get Windoze
to recognize the thing with PnP disabled are also more than welcome).

--adam b.

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