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Re: Does Debian Support DSL?


Not familiar with the Intel Pro/DSL 2100, but I recently had good
success with installing DSL over a FlowPoint 2200 DSL router between
Debian (Potato) and the provider.

The provider's installer didn't know much about Linux, so he established
the connection over a laptop with Windows2K. It was cute when he looked
up and saw the image on my 17" monitor melting before his eyes, and
worriedly asked, "Did I do that?" It was the screensaver, of course :)

His establishing the DSL connection over his laptop was fine by me since
the Debian box is also my firewall and I prefer being the one to set up
that connection.

Connecting Debian to the router was pretty straight forward. I used the
LinkSys 10/100 (mfg #: LNE100TX, version 2) ethernet card which claims
to be "100% Compatible with Cable/DSL Internet Access". Linux-2.2.16's
standard tulip driver worked fine so I didn't have to download their
Linux driver off the web.

BTW, LinkSys has surprisingly good Linux support on their website:


Other than that, it was just a matter of cabling, pinging and reading
the PDF files on the FlowPoint's support CD to get Debian to communicate
with and 'take control of' the router.

Actually, it was a lot more interesting re-doing the firewall rules and
establishing the ssl, ssh1 and ssh2 protocols to handle the public,
static DSL IP.  

Anyway, good luck.


> dmagnuss@yahoo.com wrote:
> I am going to install Debian Linux, but don't know if it will suport
> the DSL modem I am using, the Intel Pro/DSL 2100.  Anybody know if it
> will work?
> Thanks,
> Dan

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