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Re: staroffice

Damon Muller wrote:
> Quoth Ed Cogburn,
> >               The registration is a PITA, and they provide no help when an
> > internet connection goes bad, you have to start the download all over
> > again.  They don't allow ftp access which would have allowed me to
> > "resume" the download.  The only other option was special plugins for
> > IE/Netscape browsers, but only Windoze versions.  I had to download
> > the thing using the multiple files:  10 megabytes at a time.
> I have seen SO52 on at least one mirror FTP site (mirror.aarnet.edu.au,
> which, I believe, is only accessably to .au's), so there is a good
> possibility that you'll also find it on others. This lets you avoid
> registration (hey, it's free anyway), and also may allow you to resume.

	From where I am, your URL is nonexistant.  I'm surprised Sun would
allow mirrors, as it clearly wants all users to go through the
registration process to get all that customer info.  Sun never
mentions any mirrors on their site.  That mirror in .au may be
"unoffical" 8-).  Ahh, doesn't matter now anyway.  Thanks.

"It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong." - Voltaire

Ed C.

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