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Re: Enlightenment and X

Hey Sven, yes Enlightenment owns....if you can get your middle working in E
let me know, I have the same ps/2 mouseman + and cant for the life of me get
it working in E or any other WM for that matter.

For desktop backgrounds drop the jpgs or bmps in
~/.enlightenment/backgrounds...then you can right click and choose desktop
options or something and change it there.
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Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 3:13 PM
Subject: Re: Enlightenment and X

> Hello
> Yet more Qs:
> 1) How to get the middle mouse working in enlightenment? I had it
> working under KDE before. (Logitech PS/2 mouse)
> 2) How do I choose backgrounds from those -theme-whatever packages? They
> are installed, yet I can't find a way to choose them. It seems I cannot
> do that in "Desktop Background Settings".
> eterm is really cute.
> Thanks
> Sven
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> ... so I installed Linux.
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