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Re: Enlightenment and X

* Sven Burgener in "Re: Enlightenment and X" dated 2000/07/18 21:18
* wrote:

> 1) Is there any browser I can use in enlightenment? I dont particularly
> *like* Netscape, so are there any other options? (not lynx - I *need*
> / want graphics)

You can try Mozilla, I've been using the one in woody now for the last
couple of months with only a few annoyances. Mainly, secure sites don't
work and occasionally if I push it hard enough it will come tumbling

> 2) Is there any way to 'enhance' mutt slightly within X? I mean, do you
> guys just start it within a console in X or what?

Personally I use a translucent Eterm that automatically starts mutt
with some predefined menus, look in the /usr/share/Eterm/themes/mutt
directory for an example to start with.

Ashley Clark

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